It Strategy And Consulting

Specialist In IT Strategy For Business

Understanding that information technology is now a critical function in your enterprise, ElasticAir provides detailed IT strategy and consulting services for businesses. Even organisations that do not consider themselves “high-tech” are increasingly leveraging IT as a core element of their business models, which is why the team are committed to providing services and advice to maximise your potential.


For ElasticAir, IT strategy is a focused engagement that includes the following stages:

IT Strategy Roadmap

Develop an IT roadmap for your business, defining individual initiatives and weaving them into a strategic narrative. Simply put, ElasticAir aims to show you where you are, where you’re going, and how you’ll get there.

Consultants will assess the current IT environment of your business, including data centres, networks, equipment, documentation, and use of cloud computing, as well as the health of your current IT applications portfolio.