Microsoft Azure Solutions

Microsoft Azure Migrations & Transformation for Business

Reduce your data centre footprint with Microsoft Azure services. By switching to a hybrid cloud provider, you will free up valuable time for your IT team to get innovative. As a reputed IT consultancy, ElasticAir has the expertise to help you migrate to an Azure cloud solution, whether you want to create an infrastructure or a platform, or even use it for disaster recovery. Used by companies around the world, Azure provides enterprise-level solutions for all your business needs.


Running cloud readiness assessments, architects will determine whether or not your on-premises data centres are prepared for Microsoft Azure. This includes mapping out your existing environment and defining your business objectives. Although not all workloads are ideal candidates for public cloud migration, this assessment will help the team to analyse your options and shape your cloud strategy.

ElasticAir's Azure Cloud Experts

Whether you are looking for short or long-term consultancy, a fully managed service or a licencing option through a cloud provider (Microsoft CSP) we’ve got you covered.

Benefits of choosing an Azure Cloud solution for your organisation include:

  • Flexibility and scalability: Businesses only pay for the resources they use, and can easily alter resources to meet demand if it rises
  • Cost-effective: Organisations using cloud solutions can save money in resources and maintenance while benefiting from more optimised workloads that drive efficiency
  • Security: Azure features strong data security, and comes with a wide array of security tools and capabilities
  • Compliance: Regulated industries will benefit from specialised cloud offerings that help them meet compliance requirements
  • Backup and recovery: Improve business continuity with simple backup and recovery capability
  • Efficient management and monitoring: Easily manage cloud resources with a central management portal

Our Microsoft Azure Partner Services

Azure Consultancy

As a Microsoft Azure Partner and cloud provider, with multiple specialisations, our Azure consultants and architects are specialists in helping you make the most of the Azure cloud and all it has to offer. From migrations and modernisations, reviews and health checks, right through to a full cloud adoption journey or its components including cost-optimisation, assessments and planning. As a cloud company and Azure CSP, we know how important it is for your budget and objectives that your cloud is working for you

Azure Managed Services

Like all cloud services, it’s critical that you feel confident your business is getting the best return on investment from your Microsoft Azure service. But with so many different technologies to manage and maintain, along with all the other complexities and complications that arise from managing a cloud environment, sometimes it can be challenging to know that Azure is working the best way it can for you.

ElasticAir’s Azure Managed Services (AMS) are designed to remove this complexity, by making Azure management easy for you. As a cloud provider, we work in close partnership with you to provide expertise, insights and guidance on key issues and pain points to support you in enhancing your Azure capability and driving success in your business objectives.

Azure CSP – Cloud Solution Provider

As a Microsoft CSP partner and Microsoft Azure provider, we can directly manage the entire Microsoft cloud lifecycle for your business, using dedicated in-product tools to directly provision, manage, and support licensing subscriptions. In this way both our own services and your licences can be combined into one monthly or annual bill.

Gain the convenience and value of paying a single bill and accessing support from a single source – an Azure Expert MSP cloud company, no less.