On Premises Solutions

Experts In Digital Infrastructure, Virtualisation & Containerisation

Maximise your IT performance with ElasticAir. Specialising in digital infrastructure, experienced consultants are on hand to help improve your business’ IT efficiency, agility, and investment. By reviewing your existing infrastructure and designing a range of hybrid, public, and private cloud options, it’s possible to align working practices with your business goals.

Keep Up With Demand

Carefully determining which approach will cause the least disruption to your business, ElasticAir will facilitate the phased migration of your resources. Cloud transformation options encompass all the services required to move everything to the cloud in a highly secure and cost-effective manner, including:


Having designed and built infrastructure for VMware products for more than 15 years, ElasticAir are able to deliver proven end-to-end virtualisation solutions for your desktop. With optional management and monitoring applications available, the vRealize suite puts the power of great planning and implementation in your hands.

With virtualisation, customers benefit from integrated support and comprehensive consulting. Additional benefits include: